We try to cultivate a supportive, collaborative environment here in the co-lab. Here’s a glimpse into how we communicate, work, and generally get along together.


Co-lab news / photos / fun

Here are some photos of (currently) recent colab outings and/or newsworthy events!


Lab climbing!

PEQG 2022 group pics!

Front row (L-R): Gilia Patterson, Murillo Rodrigues, Gabby Coffing, Back row: Clara Rehmann, Vince Buffalo, Andy Kern, Victoria Caudill L-R: Chris Smith, Clara Rehmann, Victoria Caudill, Gabby Coffing, Murillo Rodrigues :ocean:

colab-hosted Tea Time for Pride 2022 :rainbow_flag:

Gabby is awarded the Best Student Poster award at the 2022 Cephalopod Internation Advisory Council Conference :clap::clap:

November group birthday celebration (:scorpion::scorpion::cake:!!!)

L-R Mandie Driskill, Gabby Coffing, Murillo Rodrigues, Matt Lukac (2021)

Jeff’s “graduation” celebration (summer 2021)

Mushroom hunting (winter 2021)

Lab socially distanced meetup to the river (summer 2020)

Alison Etheridge visits the group (Spring 2019)

Peter looking very happy with his new SLiM shirt (circa 2019)