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Current co-lab members

Here’s the co-lab collaborators! Emails are unless otherwise specified.

Past lab members

  • Jeff Adrion, postdoc with Andy and Peter (2018-2021), now Population Geneticist, Ancestry ()
  • CJ Battey, postdoc with Andy and Peter (2018-2020), now Computational Biologist, Myriad Genetics ()
  • Jared Galloway, Scientific Programmer with Peter and Andy (2018-2019), now Master’s student in Bioinformatics ()
  • Alexander Xue, postdoc with Andy (2017-2018), now Postdoc in Adam Siepel’s lab at CSHL
  • Dan Schrider, postdoc with Andy (2013-2018), now Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Joshua Schiffman, grad student with Peter at USC (2013-2018), now postdoc at New York Genome Center
  • Erik Lundgren, grad student with Peter at USC (2013-2018), now postdoc at Los Alamos National Lab
  • Han Li, grad student with Peter at USC (2014-2016), now data scientist at Disqo
  • Jessica Crisci, postdoc with Peter and Matt Dean at USC (2013-2015), now artist in Los Angeles
  • Erik Lavington, postdoc with Andy (2016), now postdoc in Siobhan Duffy’s lab at Rutgers University
  • Alexander Shanku, grad student with Andy (2010-2016), now Machine Learning Scientist, Ford Motor Company
  • Shengxi Dawn Chen, undergrad researcher with Andy (2014-2015), now Graduate Student in Andy Clark’s lab at Cornell University
  • Elizabeth Hellen, postdoc with Andy (2013-2014), now Research Services Librarian at U. Sheffield
  • Daniel Hupalo, grad student with Andy (2009-2013), now Senior Computational Biologist, American Genome Center
  • Bryan Kolaczkowski, postdoc with Andy (2009-2010), now Associate Professor at U. of Florida
  • Amanda Jensen, former lab manager with Andy (2009-2011), now Surface Water Scientist, Colorado Dept. of Public Health